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Early Access Release Notes

Release date: 13/06/2024

App Version:

iOS: 2.0 (6)

Android: 239 (2.0)

What to know about this release:

We have launched new designs on the following screens: Profile, RFIDs, Transactions, Statements, Notifications and Login with some visual tweaks still outstanding.

We have fixed several problems including closing the menu, charger status, login errors, flickering, and the button on the ‘Update Card’ screen. 

As always, we've also fixed several smaller, less noticeable bugs.

Known issues in this release:

  • Statement downloading does not work

  • Some page elements continue to flicker

  • A blue box appears around the "filter" button on some devices

Release date: 05/06/2024

App Version:

iOS: 2.0 (3)

Android: 232 (2.0)

What to know about this release:

We've made some great improvements based on your feedback.
The Charger Details screen is now more reliable.
Updated the legend, filters, and menu to use the new kinetic library.
Fixed the flickering on the map.
Optimised the map performance for slower devices.
Improved the cost reporting at the end of a charge session.
And of course, we've taken care of several small internal bugs.

Release date: 22/05/2024

App Version:

iOS: 2.0 (1)

Android: 230 (2.0)

What to know about this release:

Welcome to the new ChargeNet app!

The new app has an updated look and feel, including a refreshed map where you can view charger status, capacity information, and filter options.

We’ve also introduced a guided start charge session that's based on your actions to get the charge going.

And of course, you can navigate to the charger, monitor ongoing charge sessions, report a queue and manage your profile.

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