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Early Access: Accessing the App on iOS

For iOS users, you will need to install the Apple TestFlight app. This allows you to manage the different builds of the ChargeNet App while testing the new version in the TestFlight environment. 

The TestFlight app will replace the existing version of the ChargeNet app. To revert to the existing ChargeNet app, you can follow the "Stop Testing" instructions below.

Get Started

Check Your Email: Apple will send you an email from TestFlight enrolling you in the test group to the email address associated with your Apple account.

Follow the Instructions: Open the email and follow the instructions provided.

Accept the Invite: Click the link in the email to accept the invite to our test group.

Install the TestFlight App: Open the TestFlight app and install the test version of the ChargeNet App.

Updates: Throughout the testing process, ChargeNet might release updates to the app. When this happens, you will receive an email from Apple TestFlight notifying you of the new update. Simply follow the instructions in the email to manually update to the latest version.

Stop Testing: If you want to revert to the old version of the ChargeNet app, you will need to opt out of testing in TestFlight. Within the TestFlight app, you can select "Stop testing" which will remove you from the early access testing group.

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