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Early Access: Accessing the App on Android

For Android users, you will need to join the Google Play Store beta testing program. This allows you to test the new version of the ChargeNet App.

Get Started

Open Google Play on Your Device: Click this link to open the ChargeNet App page in the Google Play Store on your device.

Install the ChargeNet App: If you haven't already installed the ChargeNet App, please do so now.

Join the Beta Program: 

  • Scroll to the very bottom of the listings page, past the Reviews section.

  • In the 'Join the beta' section, select "Join."

  • Confirm your choice in the confirmation box.

  • If you wish to leave the beta program later, you can return to this section and click "Leave."

Wait for Processing: This may take a moment. Once processed, scroll back up to the top of the listing. You will see the name of the app update to "ChargeNet - New Zealand (Beta)."

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