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Where can I find a ChargeNet charging station?

Both the ChargeNet app and the ChargeNet website feature a map of New Zealand showing all our chargers, live availability and maintenance status. You can zoom into a station to view more details and click on a specific station to find the address. On our website, there’s also a customisable filter enabling you to select AC or DC chargers, and to filter out planned chargers that aren’t yet up and running. If you’re using the ChargeNet app, you’ll automatically be shown your nearest ChargeNet charging station.

Some EVs are equipped with onboard navigation systems that give directions to the closest charger when your battery is getting low. In other EVs, your can programme your favourite charging stations into your nav system.

Both Google and Apple Maps have most of our charging stations listed, but be aware some of our newer stations may not be listed on these apps yet.

Third-party apps like Plugshare and PowerTrip contain searchable databases of all available chargers. We recommend you create an account and enter the details of your EV, which will enable you to search for compatible chargers. It’s good practice to log into PlugShare when you start charging, as it helps other drivers see the charger is working and available.

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