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Issues with starting a charge

Is your RFID Fob or Mobile App not activating a charge session as intended? Please check the following:

  • Is another car already charging (when using a 50kw or below charger)? If so, wait until the other vehicle has finished. These chargers can only charge one vehicle at a time.

  • RFID Fob – Do you have a new Fob? Is it registered on your account? If not, register it now in the ChargeNet App or on a browser by clicking here.

  • Mobile App – Please ensure you have selected the correct outlet (CSS / CHAdeMO/Type 2 AC) on the locations page.

  • Possible time out – If the charging session hasn’t been activated within a couple of minutes, the charger will time out;

    • Hang the handset back into the machine

    • Start again

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