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I can’t start a charge

  • Ensure your account has not been disabled due to non-payment. If it has, call ChargeNet for help.

  • If the LED screen shows an error message, check FAQs or call our support centre.

50kW Veefil Charging Stations 

  • These are designed to time-out after 180 seconds if a charge has not been initiated.  If necessary, reset the station by hanging the charger back into the cradle.

  • Ensure your vehicle is turned off.

  • Ensure both handsets are securely in their cradles before you start.

  • Each station can only charge one vehicle at a time.

  • Ensure only the first icon (plug-in to EV) is flashing before plugging in.

  • Insert the plug securely and listen for it to click into place or beep. If you can’t physically plug in, check you have a compatible vehicle and check for damage on the handset. Call 0800 224 274.

  • Once you have successfully connected the station to your vehicle, the app symbol (second icon) and stop symbol will be illuminated.  The station is now waiting for you to identify yourself. Do this by swiping your RFID fob over the app symbol or by remote starting.

ABB Charging Stations

  • Plug the appropriate handset into your vehicle firmly.

  • Tap the touchscreen to wake it up and swipe your RFID fob

  • Selecting either 1 CHAdeMO, 2 CCS or type 2 AC according to your vehicle’s charging protocol

  • Press start on the touchscreen or remote start with the ChargeNet NZ app or via the website

For further help, please review this troubleshooting page for more help or call our support centre on  0800 224 274.

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