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How do I stop a charging session?

If you need to leave before you’ve finished charging, you can stop at any time. Simply wave your RFID Fob across the reader to unlock your charging session. Then press the Stop button on the display interface. If you started the charge with the ChargeNet app, you can also stop the charge with the app.

After pressing stop, wait a few seconds for the station to disengage from your car. The CHAdeMO connector has a red indicator light on top of it, which will turn off once it’s safe to remove the connector (you will need to press the release mechanism on the handset firmly to disconnect from your vehicle)  The CCS-2 connector does not so wait a few seconds. Firmly but gently pull the connector out of your EV and be sure to hang the cable back up so it doesn’t get damaged. Close your charge port and port cover carefully as well. These can be fragile on some models.

Please do not press the big red Emergency Stop button unless it is a real emergency. This not only stops your charge, but it also shuts down the whole station causing headaches for our Network Manager. If an Emergency Stop is essential, please reset for the next person before you leave.

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