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How do I start a charging session with an RFID Fob

Swipe your ChargeNet RFID Fob

Don’t plug the connector into your EV before finishing these steps.

  1. Swipe your ChargeNet RFID fob in front of the card reader on the charger.

  2. Select a connector via screen or from the button(s) underneath the charger screen (if applicable, only for 150 & 300kW chargers).

  3. Plug the connector into your vehicle, press start and voilà!

You should now see that your EV is charging, both on the charger screen and your vehicle’s dashboard.

Happy charging! ⚡️

Quick tip #1: If you wish to stop your charge before you reach 80%, swipe your RFID Fob across the reader again to unlock the panel to allow you to press the STOP button.

Quick tip #2: On stations that have the option of selecting a max charge (80% Max black button) these stations will default to a 80% charge as it is the quickest most efficient charge. If you wish to receive the max charge of 95%, please press the max button.

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