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How do I start a charge?

We offer multiple ways to start a charging session. You can charge in one of the following ways:

Remotely via the app or start charge page:
You can activate a charging session using your smartphone via the app or going to and clicking on start charge.

By RFID fob: 
You can activate a charging session using the RFID fob linked to your account. Simply swipe or tap the RFID fob on the designated area on the charging station.

By SMS/text:
If your mobile number is registered to your account, you may also text the word CHARGE and the key number printed on each charger to 226. Once the charger is activated, the start button will light and you can charge as normal. NB: some of our older stations do not offer this option.

If you need additional support:
You can phone our 24/7 support line on 0800 224 274 and we can activate the charging station for you.

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